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Understanding How Internet Fax Works
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Consumers new to the concept of Internet faxing may wonder how such a system works. Internet faxing works in a similar fashion to a regular fax transmission, with a few differences. The primary difference between an Internet fax and a fax machine is that the Internet fax relies on a web interface and it does not rely on a big bulky machine like a traditional fax does. Consumers find that using Internet fax options are affordable and the process of using such services is simple.

Upon sign up for Internet fax services, a consumer is given a telephone number that they are assigned to send and receive faxes. When a consumer elects to send a fax, it is done so via email instead of through a traditional fax machine. There is a simple step-by-step process for sending and receiving an Internet fax. To send Internet faxes, the user simply attaches whatever document they want to send via fax to the body of an email. Documents can either be created with the use of a scanner or they can be created with a software application word processor.

The user will address the intended fax to the receiptís assigned fax number. After the fax number the user will insert the name of the Internet faxing service provider. The message is sent and received by the Internet fax provider; then the attachment is translated so that fax machines can read the document. The document is sent via telephone lines and finally, the document is received, decoded and printed.

The process for receiving faxes is equally easy. In order for an Internet fax user to receive a fax the sender addresses the fax to the number that the Internet fax user receives upon sign up. Again, the fax is translated and sent via telephone. The Internet fax provider receives the fax, decodes it and sends it as an image file to the consumers email address. All the user needs to do is view the email.

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